Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Quantitative Method (Statistics)

Quantitative approach is approach which is in research proposal, process, hypothesis, descend to field, analyze the data and conclusion data up to its writing utilize the measurement aspect, calculation, formula and certainty of data numeric. At quantitative approach, type of approach area is experiment, hard data, empiric, positivistic, real fact in society and statistic, experiment, survey, interview structure, and so on.
At process of mathematics study, statistics have been taught [by] since senior high school. Even in compilation of tables of and radian diagram read modestly have been taught [by] since elementary school. Intake of Data and statistic will very assistive in quantitative research compilation and also skripsi. So that [at] university ladder, science statistic developed again like opportunity and test the hypothesis. This matter aim to be in compilation of skripsi or student research can give the truth of data and his hypothesizing.
So that in mathematics instruction at school, this items is communicable as according to real occurrence in field. Besides will be more please and student know the benefit learn the statistics in real life, will make the student interesting to learn. So that in marrow of mathematics student not again illusory science but also serve the purpose of applied sciences in daily life.

by : Ervinta Astrining Dewi
CP : 08157986904

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